I love playing strategy games but often don't have the time to dedicate to the proper commercial games. Good flash games provide a few minutes of fun when you can, however I do despite the majority of flash 'button clicking' games that require you to be brain dead to enjoy. I also am not too fond of the tower defence games. However, every so often a good strategy flash game comes along and I intend to review them all here.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Score: Great! 4/5
Link: http://twotowersgames.com/games/rebuild-zombie

Rebuild is a turn based zombie survival game where you must carry out various actions each day to try and build a town whilst defending it against increasing amounts of zombies.

Each day you must find other survivors and put them to work, with different people having different skills. You need to scavange or grow food for the survivors. You need to build the town by reclaiming sections of land, with various buildings having different functions. All while fending off the hordes of zombies.

This is a great game with various different ways of winning, which leads to some replayability especially with harder difficultly levels. There is enough complexity to make it a proper strategy game with trade offs needed against short vs. long term goals.

Definately worth a play for the strategy flash gamer.